It is our philosophy that insurance and costs should not be a barrier to obtaining help. We accept major private insurance and CT state insurance plans. If you are interested in using insurance, please provide your insurance type, ID# and DOB. We can verify your benefits immediately and let you know what your coverage/cost would be for session. Please note, client costs are dependent upon on your plan and deductible, not upon our rates. If we do not accept your insurance, we also may be able to offer Out-Of-Network options dependent on plans. 


 If you do not plan on using insurance, we can offer rates on a sliding-scale. Our private pay rates are not only competitive, but lower than most providers. 


Please see below for accepted insurance & therapist rates: 

  • Cigna

  • Anthem

  • Blue Cross Plans

  • Aetna

  • MVP

  • Medicaid/Husky plans

  • UHC

  • Supplemental Medicaid QMB

Victoria Velesbir, LPC, LADC: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Kristin Walleshauser, LPC: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Alessia Gagnon, LPC: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Laura Spinelli, LPC, ART-BC, TMH: sliding scale between $150-200/session

Mary Kate Lepard, LPC: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Christina McDonough, LPC, LADC: sliding scale between $125- $200/session

Jennifer Chase, LPC, ART-BC, ADS : sliding scale between $150-$200/session

Nicole Sams, LCSW: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Adrian Targa-Rodriguez, LCSW: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Dr. Michele Bullock, LPC: sliding scale between $150-$250/session

Gina Robinson, LCSW: sliding scale between $150-$200/session

Kelby Sandoval, LCSW: sliding scale between $90-$150/session

Marcy Puklin, LCSW: sliding scale between $125-$150/session