In response to the most recent COVID-19 CDC and CT state guidelines, we are making all efforts to resume to in-office therapy as our primary means of service. We will continue to offer telehealth services in accordance with the PHE (ending October 17, 2021). For more information on telehealth due to COVID-19, please click on the "Insurance & Rates" tab. 

For those interested in office therapy, our practice accommodates two waiting areas and a total of 11 private offices. Each therapist works independently in practice; offices are their own and private to individual and therapist. Therapists are asked to clean between sessions and have also been provided with individual wireless thermometers for separate temperature screening in our main suite. In addition to these measures, offices are professionally sanitized & restocked on a weekly basis.


Masks are no longer required but still recommended. We do ask that those individuals not fully vaccinated to wear when entering/leaving our general building , or in common areas as a curtsey to others. 

In addition to our efforts in sanitation and cleanliness, we also ask that all clients use the public bathroom located on the first floor whenever possible (especially small children). It is also recommended that children & families be tested (if not vaccinated) for COVID-19 before entering our office spaces.

It is still being recommended that all individuals continue to access for symptoms. Symptoms may include: 

1. Temperature 100.4 

2. Cough and/or sore throat

4. Loss of taste and/or smell

5. Shortness of breath

6. Chills, sweating, difficulties breathing

7. Severe headache


Please refrain from bringing outside trash and food/perishable items. Please use the public bins located upon entry/exit of the building or the main dumpster located in the back parking lot.